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Why buy from small home-based businesses?

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Buying From Small Businesses

why buy from small home based businesses? It's often far easier to run down to a big box store, and do the weekly shopping. However, the experience is often dull, and not personal.

In a recession economy, it's more important than ever to purchase goods from small business.

Small businesses typically operate out of their home, produce their own items locally, and generally have a smaller footprint on the earth. By consciously purchasing products from the little guys, you acting locally, yet thinking globally.

You're also taking a stand against large behemoth ' big box' industry that swallows mom and pop shops for breakfast. I like to use Starbucks as an example (sorry Starbucks, but this is the truth.)

Can you remember your town before a Starbucks came in? There were probably many coffee shops, each with their quirkiness. Starbucks is now on every corner and even inside grocery stores. The smaller coffee houses are now long gone, squeezed out from the 'uber cool' Starbuck's appeal - drawing in millions to drink overpriced, over-sugared coffee. Sure the baristas are friendly enough, but they have a system. Get you coffee, get you out. Get you coffee, get you out. The experience is impersonal, and the coffee is often subpar, unless you get a sugar infused concoction which is just glorifed 'adult ice-cream.'

Purchasing goods from small businesses is a personal experience. You often will deal with the owner directly, and if you have questions, receive ample information on the products you are buying.

For example, buying handmade soap, from the artisan is a liberating experience. Not only will know exactly what's going into the product, but you know that the hand-crafted product was lovingly created. This soap is someone's livelihood, and a simple bar of soap takes on a whole new meaning.

Or, ordering a custom skirt from a seamstress for summer, is almost like waiting for the season itself to roll in. You anticipate it, you visualize it, and once it comes you can't wait to put it on and enjoy it. Buying clothing from a big chain store does not create the same type of experience.

Would a mom-to-be rather have some plastic toys from Babies-R- Us, or a beautifully wrapped colorful set of eco-friendly, all natural handmade soft toys. The act itself says that you want a young child to have a healthy enivornment in the future, and the mom will be appreciative that you cared enough to think of that. has been promoting and encouraging small business since 1997. If you would like to participate in the Online Small Business Movement, please take a look at the Eco Friendly Directory next time you are in the market for a hat, or body products, gifts, or even building materials. It does take a little planning, however we promise that the experience will be much more rewarding than buying products from a big box store, and you can often find the same, if not cheaper prices by purchasing items direct. For current coupon specials with Eco-Businesses, please check here.



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