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Honeybee Gardens: Natural Makeup Review

With Honeybee Gardens all-natural, cruelty free, environmentally friendly makeup products, now even hippies can be glam. Honeybee Gardens was created in 1995 by author and herbalist Melissa J. Hertzler. Years of herbal study prompted Ms. Hertzler to create natural personal care products for her and her family.

Recently, Melissa launched a new makeup line that is all-natural, and nail polish that is water-based - no stinky formaldehyde. The non-toxic formula also does not contain toluene, xylene, dibutyl phthlate, or FD & C colors.

When the package of cosmetic samples came, I eagerly ripped open the envelope and was beyond thrilled to see the beautiful products. I tried the lip gloss on, looked in the mirror, and immediately put it in my purse. This means it was automatically relegated for 'daily' use. This is big league, folks. Very few lipgloss or makeup products make it into my purse. The gloss is smooth, non-sticky and moisturizing. It also has a great color punch, unlike some glosses I have tried in the past. The gloss is all-natural and comes in five different shades.

The next morning, I had a meeting to go to, and figured it might me nice to have * some eyes* for the day. I whipped out the mascara tube, and started applying. The product went on super smooth, and feathery light. It coated evenly, and not one lash clumped, nor stuck together. It was like the formula automatically separates lashes, and even without coffee, it's was like I could not mess this up. As I examined my elongated lashes, I couldn't believe that this was an all-natural product. I started to wonder if Melissa has secret super powers. Who would buy chemically-laden makeup, with this fabulous product available?

I then painted my bare toenails, and simply was an eurphoric experience. Besides watching my toenails turn to a beautiful shade of amber rose with gold flecked color, I couldn't believe how smooth the polish went on. The coverage was so uniform and solid, that I really didn't need a second coat. Then it hit me. There was no smell or heinous lung searing fumes.

I actually wanted to pick up the phone and call Melissa from Honeybee Gardens, right then and there. First to let her know how great her products where, and secondly to put an order in for Christmas. ( know what you're getting now. ) While humming happily with my new all naturally coated lips, eyelashes and toes, my daughter came in and oohed and ahhed over my toenail color. She asked if she could have painted toes, and I said yes. "Yes, my CAN have this water-based polish on your pure little toes."

I have also received an odorless nail polish remover, that is acetone free. It contains horsetail extract to strengthen nails, and fortified with vitamin E and aloe to sooth and protect nails. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, because my toe polish is still going strong. Although I love my color, Honeybee Gardens offers 16 different shades of polishes. I will of course, have to try them all now.

Sometimes a girl needs a little glam, and Melissa (and her secret super magic beauty powers) have made makeup an environmentally-friendly reality. The product prices are also very reasonable!

Click here to visit the Honeybee Gardens website. Enjoy!





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