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Welcome to the Directory - Support Earth Friendly Eco-Business. From handmade hippie clothing to organic toothpaste, we hope you find what you're looking for!

Eco-Friendly Shopping Directory

Activism Groups
List of various activism groups. Please help us grow our list.

Artists, Crafters, Glass, Natural Crafting Supplies, Unique Gift Ideas that you could only find on a site called Happy Hippie!
Bath and Body
Natural Bath and Body Care, Organic Beauty Products, Natural Soaps, Organic Makeup, Aromatherapy
Books on Hippies/Lifestyle, Green Living, Homesteading Magazines, or How to Books

handmade hippie patchwork clothingHandmade Clothing
Hand Made Clothing, Hippie Patchwork Clothing, Bamboo Clothing, Handmade Hats/ Caps

Organic and/or Fairtrade Clothing (machine made)
Organic Clothing, Organic T-shirts, Bamboo Clothing, Social Activism Shirts

Hemp Clothing
Hemp Clothing, Hemp Body Care, Hemp Food, Hemp Information, Wholesale, and Hemp Accessories

Kids Natural Clothing
Organic Kid's Clothing, Organic Children's Bedding, Organic Baby Clothing

Reusable Bags
Environmentally friendly bags, Reusable Bags, Hemp Totes, Organic Cotton Totes, Recycled Bags

Eco-Tourism, Retreats, and Outdoor Sports Directory

Natural and Organic Foods, Teas and Coffees, Natural Food Gifts

Organic Gardening, Organic Seeds, Farms, Books on Organic Gardening

Green Building
Green Home Building, Eco-Friendly Architects/Design, Solar Power, Sustainability

Natural Vitamins/Herbs, Holistic Health, Meditation, Healthy Home

Hemp Clothing
Hemp Clothing, Hemp Body Care, Hemp Food, Hemp Information, Wholesale, and Hemp Accessories
Eco-Home, Environmentally Friendly Furniture, Natural Decor, Green Cleaning Products, Composting, Eco-backyard, Recycled Home Products, Eco-Appliances/Renewable Energy
Hippie Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry, Handcrafted Hemp Jewelry, Beads & Supplies
Natural/Organic Kids Clothing and Products, Natural Mothers Directory, Eco-Friendly Toys, Organic Baby Bedding, Natural Baby Gifts
Hippie music, Folk Music, Inspired by Hippies Music, Jam Bands, Music Books and Magazines
Natural Pet Care Products and Services, No-Kill Animal Shelters
Professional Services, Eco-Conscious Business Services
Recycled Paper Products - Recycled Printing Services
Recycled Wrapping Paper, Recycled Note Cards, Printing Services, Binders, Office Supplies
Reusable Bags
Reusable shopping bags, canvas shopping bags, Environmentally-Friendly bags
Retreats, Natural Healing Trips, Yoga Teachers/Products, Silent Retreats, Camps, Yurts
Eco Friendly Wholesalers, Green Business to Business Companies



If you see a vendor listed that is NOT eco-friendly or a dead link, please let us know. :)

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eco-shopping directory

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Bath and Body
Handmade Clothing
Organic Clothing
Eco-Business Services
Eco-Office Supplies
Green Building
Health / Vitamins
Hemp Clothing / Hemp
Eco Home / Decor
Pets / Animals
Recycled Paper/ Cards
Reusable Bags
Retreats / Sports
Tie Dye Clothing
Toys Eco-Friendly
Shoes/ Eco-Friendly
Social / Earth Activism

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