earth day tips - 10 easy things you can do

Here’s a few EASY things you can do to help our planet this month, and every day of the year!

Pick from one of the options below:

  1. Stop the Junk Mail – check out the app Paperkarma as an easy way to reduce waste and access in your mailbox. Might help your budget as well.
  2. Change your light bulbs – changing your light bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs conserves energy and helps your wallet. Resource – https://www.npr.org/2014/01/24/265489559/nprs-guide-to-changing-light-bulbs
  3. Recycle – not just trash through your waste service but also clothes. Donate gently used items to Goodwill or consignment shops (don’t forget about online consignment shops like ThredUp.com). If the clothes are too worn, send them to a textile recycler or check out services near you on Earth 911
  4. Reduce and Reuse – before you recycle make sure you are reducing and reusing. Reduce and reuse with reusable water bottlers, coffee mugs, shopping bags and straws. Be sure to include affiliates to all your favorites
  5. Support companies who have sustainable practices like Au Naturale
  6. Use earth friendly cleaning and lawn products. I love the Meyer brand which is available online and in many grocery stores.
  7. Pay your bills online. Did you know switching to online-only invoices for your bills saves millions of trees a year? Added bonus – no more paper cuts.
  8. Plant a tree. Plant a tree in your own backyard or better yet join an organization to plant multiple trees.
  9. Plant flowers. Our bees are in trouble but you can help by planting bee-friendly plants and flowers. Get details here.
  10. Leave the car at home. Can you use public transportation, bike or walk to work or school? If yes, you are making huge steps to protecting our planet.


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