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Get Rid of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), an ingredient in 90% of commercial shampoos and conditioners, corrodes the hair follicle and impedes hair growth. It has been blamed for many cases of premature hair loss. It takes hair longer to grow when it has been affected by SLS. SLS is found in car wash soap, engine degreaser, toothpaste, lotions and garage floor cleaners. It also increases skin permeability roughly 100 times and is used in lotions to increase absorption of micronutrients through the skin.

A study at the University of Georgia Medical College, indicated that SLS penetrated into the eyes as well as brain, heart, liver, etc., and showed long-term retention in the tissues. The study also indicated that SLS penetrated young children's eyes and prevented them from developing properly and caused cataracts to develop In adults.

May cause hair loss by attacking the follicle. Classified as a drug in bubble baths because it eats away skin protection and causes rashes and infection to occur.

Lotions are something that are essential in dry, winter weather. Now is a great time to chuck your chemically-laden lotions and invest in some all-natural, chemical free versions.

If you're looking for products without SLS, search the bath and body section at or check out these great lotions: offers yummy scented all-natural lotions and cosmetics. Lots of vegan and organic products to choose from. Our fav is: Pangea Organics Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Hand & Body Lotion for only $15.

Aubrey Organics Ultimate Moist Hand & Body Lotion, 8 oz. - 100% natural—of course and Vegan. No chemicals!! $9.95 each (different scented varieties and unscented available)

AyurVida Hydroprotective Body Lotion - Vata 8.4 oz - This quick absorption body lotion creates a thin layer over the skin. It provides long lasting and deep
moisturization. Protects and prevents skin keloid cellulites and stretch mark formation. Improves the firmness of sking, leaing it soft and smooth. Gently
perfumes the body with natural phyto-botanical extracts. $19.25 at

Crystal Essence Body Butter in fabulous creations such as Faeries Dance and Bewitched. Organic essential oils enhance the intoxicating scent of these addictive butters which are then charged with powdered gemstone and aligned with a full sized crystal. Organic, and beautifully presented. $17- makes a great gift. Available at Blue Moon Herbals

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