We have listed what we feel are good “starting point” links to get the best information about the Vegetarian Lifestyle and Animal Rights Issues.

paw.gif (84 bytes)= animal rights
carrot.gif (2656 bytes) = veggie info

paw.gif (84 bytes)Animal Right’s FAQs :  Excellent Question and Answer site providing information on the following subjects…•Farming   •Leather, Fur, and Fashion  •Hunting and Fishing  •Animals for Entertainment  •Companion Animals  •Laboratory Animals   •AR Activism •AR Information and Organizations

paw.gif (84 bytes)carrot.gif (2656 bytes)Vegetarian’s International Voice for Animals: Every year over 700 million animals are killed for meat. Excellent web source for international campaign events and current news on this topic.

paw.gif (84 bytes) No-Kill Animal Shelter Directory– No Kill Animal Shelters take Pets that come from various sources, such as the animal shelters or private homes that no longer want them or are able to properly care for them. Many of them have been neglected, but love can make a big difference in their lives.

paw.gif (84 bytes)Greenpeace – GreenPeace USA -Get involved in one the largest nonprofit organizations on the planet. Check out their ecosystem alerts and search through the vast amount of information on the state of our ecosystem.

carrot.gif (2656 bytes)Vegetarian Times – Excellent online magazine/publication that features great recipes, resources for learning about vegetarian lifestyles, and a vegetarian bulletin board.

carrot.gif (2656 bytes)paw.gif (84 bytes) –  Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? Find out from this great resource site on veganism. A vegan is someone who does not consume animal products.While vegetarians avoid flesh foods, vegans also reject the exploitation and abuse inherent in the making of dairy and egg products, as well as in clothing from animal sources

carrot.gif (2656 bytes)paw.gif (84 bytes)vivavegie-Vegetarian advocacy group which serves as an educational organization for the cause of vegetarianism. Still not convinced of going veggie? Check out their “101 Reasons Why I’m a Vegetarian”