CBD Candy & Teas by Hakuna Supply

Have you tried CBD yet? It’s readily available just about everywhere now, even in major drug store chains. Many people use CBD oil for inflammation or pain relief, and CBD body products are becoming very popular.

However, there’s still a lot of room to grow in the CBD Food market. As I love food, I am interested in high-quality CBD food products vs. oils. I received the California based Hakuna Supply CBD candied ginger bites and CBD teas to try out & was pleasantly surprised!

The ginger bites have zero funky CBD taste and are delicious sugared ginger bites with a nice spicy kick. So tasty! (swipe to see ginger pic) ♥️ Great for those experiencing nausea or motion sickness. Hakuna Supply also sells other dried candied CBD mango, pineapple and banana!

Hakuna Supply CBD also sells CBD teas – what a smart idea! Just brew a cup of tea like you normally would, but get 5 mg of CBD with each serving. Love the variety pack of herbal green tea blends as well. These would make great thoughtful gifts – especially for parents, or anyone battling some pain or inflammation. 🎁

Visit their site here: https://bit.ly/2OZ097B

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