At the close of the twentieth century, the world finds itself undergoing the most rapid and complete deforestation it has ever experienced under the human hand. Since 1950, a fifth of the world’s forest cover has been removed. At least 55% of the world’s 30 to 40 million hectares of rare but incredibly productive temperate rainforest has been logged or otherwise cleared. Current rates of loss for rainforests and other ecosystems are over 20 million hectares a year, 40 hectares a minute. According to reports by World Resources Institute (WRI) and Rainforest Alliance, tropical forests account for 80% of that loss. An area almost the size of Washington State is destroyed each year, and at current rates, tropical forests will be reduced by almost half from existing levels in the next 45 years. The problem is not limited to the tropics. Thanks to Global Futures for Information


Link –Every minute 50 acres of Rainforest are destroyed and some 25 species become extinct, many before we are even able to study them. Rare plants and flowers that could provide possible cures for Cancer, Aids and other deadly diseases are lost forever. – The New Forests Project (NFP) is a people-to-people, direct-action program established in 1982 in an effort to initiate reforestation and reduce deforestation in “developing countries”.

Global Futures – Deforestation: Causes, Implications, and Solutions

California Nature Conservatory