Easy Ways to Go Green

Contrary to belief, going green doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice. There are simple easy things you can do to reduce waste, use less resources, and make the world a greener place.

1. Go Local – By purchasing locally grown foods, you are supporting local farmers, and reducing emissions because the food doesn’t have far to travel. Those who are lucky enough to have robust farmer’s markets get to purchase directly from the farmer. Not only can you find out how your food was grown, but you benefit from getting seasonal vegetables picked at their peak.

2. If you are a meat eater, please consider purchasing your meat from sustainable ranches. It takes an exorbitant amount of energy to raise cattle in the regular meat industry. However, grass-fed cattle minimize the negative impact on the environment. Foodalliance.org is a great site that recognizes eco-friendly farmers and ranchers.

3. Buy Organic – Buying organic foods and products means that you are consuming and using products without toxins. Toxins not used in the environment makes it a cleaner environment.

4. Reduce your Carbon Imprint – Can’t bike to work? Or, fly frequently for business? Consider purchasing carbon offsets for your travels. The Carbon Neutral Company offers carbon offsets online.

5. It seems silly to point out the obvious, but Recycling is a must. Really look at your trash deposits and reevaluate. Are you throwing away clean cardboard boxes? Empty paper towel rolls? Empty sauce jars? Most communities have extensive recycling programs, so take advantage of it by maximizing these programs.