Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning Tips

Green cleaning has been coined to describe a trend away from chemically-reactive and toxic cleaning products which contain various toxic chemicals that can cause respiratory and dermatological problems among other adverse effects.

Natural Cleaners found in your home:

There are five natural cleaners no home should be without.

Baking soda: A mild, natural abrasive; can be used for cleaning without worrying about scratching surfaces.

White vinegar: A mild acidic product; won’t destroy surfaces; works great for soap scum.

Lemon juice: Nature’s bleach and disinfectant; a great natural stain remover and deodorizer.

Borax: A natural laundry additive and booster.

Club soda: A great stain remover.

If you have these ingredients, here are some useful tips on what to do with them:

1. To get rid of limescale on your taps, soak some cotton wool in vinegar, wrap it around the tap and cover with a plastic bag or some tin foil. Leave for a couple of hours, then rinse off to reveal sparkling taps.

2. To descale your kettle, pour a cup of the white vinegar in it and leave it overnight. A quick rinse the next morning and your kettle should be as good as new!

3. To get windows that really shine, try mixing a quarter of a cup of white wine vinegar, with a liter of warm water and a bit of lemon juice. Spray the mixture on the window and wipe the glass with some scrunched up newspaper.

4. To get rid of nasty smells, bicarbonate of soda is great. Put some in a pot near to the source of the bad smell and it will soon be gone.

5. To freshen up your carpets, sprinkle them with baking soda and leave overnight before you vacuum.

6. For fantastic silver cleaner, mix baking soda with warm water. Rub it on with a cloth and polish off for brilliant results.

7. To give your leather sofa an eco-friendly once-over, mix a quarter of a cup of olive oil with a few drops of lemon oil and apply with a clean cloth.