Fish Watch List: Eat for Sustainability

Did you know a simple dining choice can help preserve ocean life and your own health? Help prevent overfishing by eating fish that are not on the ‘watch’ list. With the new ‘fish watch’ guide from the Monterrey Aquarium, you can easily educate yourself and others about the importance of choosing seafood from sustainable, environmentally responsible fisheries and fish farms. You can now download the fish ‘pocket guide’ for your region, and get ‘aware cards’ to give to local restaurants.

Just remember, we depend on the sea for recreation and renewal., btu the bounty of our seas is not endless. Today, human activities impact even the most remote parts of the ocean. Among the many factors influencing our ocean ecosystems, few have as great of an impact as fishing and aquaculture. Through better practices, we can create a healthy, abundant ocean for everyone!

If you surf the website, you’ll see that fish are in three categories: Best Choices, Good Alternatives & Avoid – so it’s super easy to make decisions when ordering fish at a restaurant or buying it locally.

There is even a handy-dandy Sushi Guide for those of us who love raw fish.

Seafood on Your Phone!

Always have the latest recommendations. If you have an internet-enabled phone, visit to see the latest pocket guides. And if you have an iphone, there’s a specialized iphone application just for you!