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The California Energy Dept. has a Hot Line, 1-800-555-7794, set up to see  how many people are upset about California gas prices.There is also a web site set up for the same purpose and they ask everyone that has an “online” capability to use it instead of the phone number. Print this message out and circulate it wherever possible. If the energy coalition gets enough names they can request Governor Davis to lift the ban on interstate importing. Call and  say you want to complain about the gas prices. They will request only your last name, zip code and county.

Gas Prices Dropping, but investigation continues…

“A friend at work had a great suggestion. Since we can’t boycott gasoline indefinitely, he suggested that we boycott one particular gasoline company at a time. We can boycott one gasoline company per month, for a year if we wanted to. We could start with the top 3 producers and go from there or we could just do it alphabetically. I would recommend starting with the highest producers and go down from there but just for the example here’s a 12 month plan alphabetically.”

Jan. Arco
Feb. British Petroleum-Amoco
Apr. Conoco

May. Chevron

Jun. Exxon
Jul. Mobil
Aug. Phillips 66

Sep. Shell
Oct. Texaco
Nov. Union 76
Dec. Unocal

Spread the word about the Gas Out, and please make an effort to carpool whenever possible.

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