Happy Hippie Holiday Guide for 2009

Eco-Friendly Gifts Under $10

Every year, Happyhippie.com hand-picks gifts items that are unique, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.

Here is the first in our series, which is our most popular. Due to the economy, we are all looking to save some cash! Here is the $10 and under gift-giving list for 2009.

Notebooks: Tree-Free Paper Notebook / Note Pad Banana Paper   $ 6.95
This cool little banana tree paper would be cool at school, or a meeting. This is made from tree-free paper and eco-smart kids & adults love Costa Rica Natural’s banana paper. 100% post consumer recycled notebooks, made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and agricultural waste. 70 lined sheets of ‘treeless’ paper made from the discarded stalks of banana trees (or pinzotes), which would otherwise have gone to waste. Tree Free Banana Paper notebooks are Chlorine-free. Costa Rica Natural tree-free papers are made from Banana, Coffee, Mango and Lemon plantations agricultural-waste. Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 WireboundSheets: 70 lined sheets Banana Paper Description: 70 Banana Paper Sheets


Dangling Square Enameled Copper Earrings – Various design – $ 9.95
Made in Chile by Rosaro Campbell as part of the Comparte Co-operative, these earrings feature squares of copper adorned with baked enamel that dangle from a silver metal wire. The copper piece is just over 1/2 inch square and the silver wire is 1 1/4 inch long. Silver metal hooks. Each is unique, please allow some variation as this is a handmade product.

Pomegranate Bar Soap Pomegranate Bar Soap – $ 5.95
Savor the sweet, yet tangy, juicy scent of pomegranate! Our Pomegranate Bar Soap is created with extract from the antioxidant-rich pomegranate peel.


Funny Money Magic Wallet – $ 10.50
Now you see it, now you don’t. The Funny Wallet is not only comical, it’s magic. Impress your friends with this undeniably entertaining wallet made from recycled Disney comic books written in Thai script. Just open it up, place a bill in the center, close it and open it from the other end. The dollar bill is miraculously secured in the satin straps! This Fair Trade wallet comes in assorted recycled Disney comic book pages and has a velvet interior with a small pocket for credit cards. Product from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Country of Origin: Thailand Dimensions: 4″ x 3″

Elephant Pooh Paper Cube – $ 9.50 (Fair Trade)
It’s back! We can’t stop listing Elephant Poo Paper as a pick. Sorry.

A paper cube with 100 sheets of elephant pooh paper, featuring modern looking elephant design. Save trees and elephants with this environmentally friendly paper made from elephant dung. Pachyderm paper is made of pulped elephant dung and recycled paddy paper. The best part is, it doesn’t smell at all! In Sri Lanka, many elephants have been killed not for their meat, tusks, or hide simply because they interfere with local agribusiness. A solution for villagers AND elephants alike has been to find ways to utilize the elephant as a sustainable economic resource. Making paper is one fine example! Love elephant pooh products? Get the Elephant Pooh Paper Trio and make a saving. Set includes Journal, Paper Cube and Heart Shaped Paper.Country of Origin: Sri LankaDimensions: 4″sq.”


Women’s Bean Project Hot Chili Mix – $ 6.50
Beans, they’re good for your heart, especially the Chili Bean Mix from the Women’s Bean Project. For nearly two decades, the Women’s Bean Project has helped women in the US who have histories of poverty and unemployment. This organization teaches workplace competencies for entry-level jobs through employment and teaching job readiness and life skills in their gourmet food production business. Each package is assembled by participants in the Women’s Bean Project program. With each purchase, you’re helping women break the cycle of unemployment, poverty and other difficult situations. Each package includes a variety of beans (red beans, pinto beans, and kidney beans) and a delicious recipe for a chili mix.