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Headaches - What Can You Do?

Headaches can be alleviated by cold compresses, baths, accupressure and relaxation tecniques. You should minimize your exposure to external  stimuli, exercise in fresh air and abstain from smoking and alcohol.

Relaxation & avoidance of stimuli
Create a soothing environment, free of such external stimuli as light and noise. Ventilate the room; a fan will help circulate the air (but don't let it blow directly on you.) Close the windows and draw the blinds. Turn off the radio and TV and unplug the phone. If the area is still nosy, put cottom balls or ear plugs in your ears. Consciously try to relax, preferably with the aid of a relaxation tecnique, such as yoga.

Help from Acupressure
Use your thumb and index finger to press against the bridge of your nose at the corners of your eyes. Or, rub the center of the fleshy webbing between your index and thumb.

A Soothing Footbath
A footbath diverts the blood supply from your head to your feet. Bathe you feet in a basin of 95 degree water. Add hot water at 5 minute intervals, until 115 degrees is reached. After soaking your feet for 5 minutes, pour in cold water until the temperature is lukewarm. Put on wool socks and lie down for about 20 minutes.

Herbal Remedies
Speak with a nutritionist or doctor about taking herbal supplements to prevent headaches. It is thought that kava kava can relieve tension headaches, and ferverfew and ginkgo biloba are often recommended to prevent migranes.

Extra Tip
This time-tested home remdey can provide quick headache relief. Put a few drops of fresh lemon juice into a cup of black coffee and drink it in small sips. Warning! This is not for people with sensitive stomachs..

Complete Guide to Natural Healing


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