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Herbal Breast Enlargement  by AlternativeHealthHippie
[June 18, 1999]

ohgeez.gif (5989 bytes)I honestly stumbled on to this one....herbal breast enlargement. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm completely content with my body, but when I read that there was an herb that may increase breast size..I'm sorry but had to try it out for myself. (Why not, right?)

According to The Green Pharmacy by James A. Duke, PHD (if you don't own this book, go buy it), Fenugreek is a "tasty, maple-flavored herb that helps controll blood sugar in people with diabetes and Fenugreek Sprouts may enlarge women's breasts. It was noted in a study that after eating several fair-portions of fenugreek sprouts over the course of several days, that the test subject's breasts seem somewhat larger. This was called a mastogenic effect.

Fenugreek contains plant estrogen or diosgenin, a chemical that's often used to create semisynthetic forms of the female sex hormone. While estrogen has many effects on the body,  two relate primarily to breast enlargement. It was also noted in the book that "harem women" used to take Fenugreek to stay busty - ok, with that little tid bit of trivia, I was intrigued...

So, based on this information, I ordered some Fenugreek caplets online for about $8. I took the the caplets twice a day for three days when I woke up on the third morning and DID notice my breasts were fuller, but they did hurt a bit as well.( embarrassing to admit, ok..I'm over it) I have experimented enough by now to come to the conclusion that Fenugreek does indeed cause breast fullness (at least for me). However, I noticed that it may cause some water retention as well. I'm not going to chalk this up to PMS symptoms, because it just wasn't that time!

I'm still experimenting with the Fenugreek and increased water intake to see if I can flush out the extra water. (When you drink alot of water, your kidneys will reach a thresh-hold point where it triggers the brain to release more water - try this over a diuretic - fight water with works. However, it is not recommended that you drink over 10-12 glasses a day though, unless you partake in heavy exercise.)

So, my works! Now ladies, you won't wake up and find yourself a busty C if you were an A, but you will notice a fullness. If you can handle pain (unlike me) then you may want to try this natural route.

If anyone else wants to try Fenugreek out, please keep us posted with your results. (You'd think that if it worked for everyone, it would be hotter than Ginseng or St. John's Wort!)

You can buy Fenugreek (inexpensive) by weight at Starwest Botanicals online.

This information is not meant to serve as medical information. As a rule, rational herbal medicine is safer than conventional medicine. However, you still need to exericise caution when using herbal medicines Please investigate all sources, producer of vitamins & herbs before purchasing.


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