Nonprofit supports non-profit organizations by donating at least 10% of our profits. Even though are so many good organizations and our funds are low, we still try to mix it up and spread it around.

Feb. 09 – Wildlife Victoria – Donation to the Emergency Fund to assist in the rescue of injured animals from recents fires in Australia

Jan. 09 – Salvation Army

Dec. 08 – Funds towards llama sponsorship.

November 08 CalPRIG Donation

October 08 – Financial gift to build roof for Sponsor Family in Myanmar.

September 08 – Defenders of Wildlife – Donation to promote awareness of Governor Sarah Palin’s barbaric record on killing America’s wildlife, especially her active promotion of the brutal aerial hunting of wolves and bears.

August 08 – Protect California’s coast, and put a stop to the Big Oil agenda right now.

July 08 – CRES Program through San Diego Zoo. This is an intensive program to save endangered species throughout the world.

June 08 Environment California

Donation to Campaign – Make Polluters Pay
In 2008, the Schwarzenegger administration will finalize the state’s blueprint for reducing global warming pollution 25 percent by 2020. It is critical that Gov. Schwarzenegger resists polluter pressure and create a Global Warming Solutions Fund, paid for by polluters. Unfortunately, the fossil fuel industry is urging the Schwarzenegger administration to repeat the mistakes of the European Union, which set up a global warming cap and trade program, but gave pollution permits away for free, leading to windfall profits and perverse incentives that rewarded pollution. The governor supports a cap and trade program, but has yet to commit to requiring polluters to buy the permits.

May 08

Cyclone Nargis, a massive storm has left thousands dead and many thousands more homeless in the country of Myanmar. is sponsoring a child, monthly – indefinitely in Myanmar. Please help support the families of Myanmar

April 08

YMCA – Donation to teach children to swim, who otherwise could not afford it.

March 08 – San Diego Humane Society

February 08 takes another step to be carbon neutral and joins

December 07 & January 08 Donation: has purchased renewable energy to offset our total energy used for this website, for the year. We selected windpower as our renewable energy choice as the owners of this site are full of hot air. 😉 WhiteFence Green are Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) . RECs are the property rights to the environmental benefits from generating electricity from renewable energy sources. While traditional carbon emissions trading programs promote low-carbon technologies by increasing the cost of emitting carbon, RECs incentivize carbon-neutral renewable energy by providing a subsidy to electricity generated from renewable sources.

November Donation:

This month, donated to the – a non-profit animal shelter in Maui, Hawaii. also donated to for Thanksgiving. We made a donation to “Pearl the turkey”.

October Donation:

We are currently sponsoring and are participating in their ‘Animal Adoption’ has ‘adopted’ the polar bear. As a result of global warming, sea ice in the polar bear’s hunting grounds is melting earlier and forming later each year. If present trends continue, this “king of the great white north” could be extinct by the end of this century.

If you would like to learn more about and their organization, please click here.

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