Olive Oil Conditioning Treatment for the Hair

Is your hair dried and fried? Try this easy olive oil conditioning treatment to restore moisture and smoothness to your again naturally.


  • Wash hair, towel dry.
  • Take hair down in sections (starting from the bottom of scalp), rubbing oil onto each section.
  • After saturating hair, comb through to distribute evenly.
  • Braid your hair, or wrap up in a bun, preventing oil from hair to touch clothing…
  • Leave oil in hair all day, if possible, or at least one hour.

To Remove Oil From Hair

  • Before wetting head, put shampoo in hair. Follow the same technique used to put the oil in the hair. Saturate hair with shampoo and rinse. Then follow your normal daily hair care routine.
  • Olive Oil Treatments are recommended on a weekly basis.
  • Essential oils can be added to the Olive Oil to enhance the effects of the treatment.

This Olive Oil Treatment is from BellaDonnas.com is San Diego, CA – an All Natural Beauty and Wellness Salon