The Escondido Humane Society is in dire need of assistance right now. Due to the recent skyrocketing electric rates from SDG&E (a backfired result of power deregulation in San Diego), the non-profit shelter’s electric bill tripled last month to $3600. Like most non-profits, every dollar is spent with careful consideration and the recent electric bill gouging sets the scene for a gloomy outlook.

In addition to the financial woes, the shelter is paw to paw with homeless animals right now. Currently there are over 600 cats, dogs and rabbits at the shelter and over 200 kittens in foster homes. With the budget belt tightening further, cuts will be made soon to reduce 30% of their services. This means less staff, less veterinarian services, less food and bedding and more animals being put to sleep.

Because the Escondido Shelter is not funded by the government, they rely primarily on donations. Although the San Diego Humane Society houses many homeless animals right now, they have a healthier budget to weather them through the electricity-rate shock storm .

There are many ways you can help right now!

  • Donate money to the Escondido Humane Society (this is tax deductible)
  • If you are able and ready, adopt a Cat, Dog, Rabbit or other animal in need of a good home.
  • Ask about their Humane Education Programs that challenge students, teachers and community groups to examine and renew their relationships with animals, through interactive educational activities such as games, problem solving stories, thought provoking videos and music.
  • Help spread the word about their Low Cost Spay / Neutering

Not in San Diego? Check out the local shelter in YOUR area – they will need your help! Thanks much – Hippie Staff