Bernie Sanders Is Calling for For Global Peace – You can Help.

The idea of Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sitting in a room and not escalating an already tense relationship does not seem possible.  For there to be some hope of peace between the US and North Korea we need to put some adults in the room.   Currently, the Trump white house has no North Korean experts for advice.    As Trump has not listened to his experts on other issues, the undertaking of peace talks and outcome is a huge gamble.  This is an emergency that affects all our lives, and we can’t wait for the answers. We need to come together immediately, learn as much as we can, and then make it absolutely clear to Trump, his foreign policy team, and members of Congress that a lasting, peaceful solution is the only viable option. So what can we do?

On Sunday, March 18, members will join with activists from other nations spanning 17 time zones on a video call featuring Senator Bernie Sanders and expert thought leaders to learn what we can do at the grassroots level to ensure our nation’s serious commitment to these talks and a diplomatic path to peace.

To find out more information and sign up for this global phone call go here: