Practical Green Gifts

Practical gifts do not necessarily have to be boring gifts. In fact, it’s often the practical gifts that are used the most and appreciated. Here are some practical gift ideas, that are also earth friendly.

Organic Pillows: A good pillow is another pricey item, that makes a great gift – because it says, I care about where you put your head, and I don’t want you breathing in synthetic fumes all night. Zia & Tia’s Organic Cotton Pillow is an all cotton pillow with Firm support. The Organic Cotton filling is carded and then rolled and surrounded by a heavy-duty 100% Organic Cotton cover. This pillow guarantees maximum durability and comfort. $105 
Budget stretched, but like this idea? How about a pair of Organic Pillow cases. $38

Soap: Everyone needs soap, as this is a consumable product. But did you know you can give yummy smelling, organic, handmade soaps for the same cost as big box store soap? Handmade small batch natural soaps made with pure essential oils. Soaps made with 100% certified organic ingredients. See the Treasures of the Earth website for use of coupon code “holidays” or “holiday special”.

Lighting: I know, yawn, right? However, solar and energy efficient lighting make great gifts, because everyone needs it. It’s not cheap, which makes it an even better gift, because you are giving someone an item that they may not necessarily buy for themselves, but will really use and appreciate over the long haul. has Solar Powered Security Lights – great for an outdoor spot that needs a bit more light at night, either for safety or security. $89

Food Composter – Everyone can compost their food, as it’s not rocket science. However most people, especially with small yards, envision a stinky rotting pile that takes up space and solicits complaints from the neighbors. With a compact yard composter, even people with just a sliver of yard space can compost and make beautiful nutritious soil. The Green Cone TM system comes with everything you need to get started with an effective, eco-friendly food composting/disposal program. The system is made of as much recycled plastic as possible with the basket and black cone made of 100% recycled plastic.

The Impossible to Shop For – Do you have relative that says they don’t want anything? That’s ok..don’t, but give them something in their name. You can plant a tree through the Trees for a Change website. They will plant a tree in a U.S. National Forests to replace trees destroyed by wildfire, disease or insects. Or, buy a goat for a family in need. Give the gift of a Goat for Nourishment and Income, by purchasing livestock through the program.