Printable Solar – Yep, That’s Now a Thing

With climate change taking a toll on our planet, new effective renewable energy technologies are more important than ever, especially those that are low cost and accessible to all parts of the world.

Interest in solar power as an alternative source of energy continues to grow, due to the obvious environmental benefits as well as potential energy cost savings to consumers after systems are installed. However, systems are still expensive and not accessible world wide making it a limiting energy source for now. After costly installation, some are discovering that they are still without power during a week of cloudy days. As solar is dependent on sunlight, a few cloudy days or rain will have a noticeable effect on an energy system, making the price tag not so attractive.

However, a crafty professor in Australia has created a new kind of organic solar power panel that makes solar cheap and accessible! The new solar panels can actually be printed using a conventional printer.

Professor Paul Dastoor has created a system whereby electronic inks that are printed onto sub-millimeter thin plastic sheets, the panels can be produced for less than $10 per square meter and installed by a few people within a single work day. At this rate, a huge commercial building could be covered in a day.

Sunny Australia is where the new printable solar panels developed by Paul Dastoor are being tested and most likely to hit the market in a year or so.

The most exciting aspect is the low cost and the speed at which this new renewable technology can be implemented. With many communities experiencing max loads during hot summers, this is exactly the kind of technology that can help relief excessive power demands across the planet.

The ultra-thin panels are now being tested in a 6-month pilot program.  Should the test farewell, the technology will most likely move quickly to the rest of the world. Solar tech is the most available source of energy on the planet, and only cost has been the limiting factor in the past.

Using easy cheap power would be a historic step in the evolution of renewable energy, and the positive planetary effect across the world, especially emerging economies will have a great positive impact.

Preventing Climate Change

If you’re passionate about being part of the ecological solution versus the problem, you’re already researching ways on how you can tread lightly on our planet.

Although very important, renewable energy like solar power is just one aspect to prevent climate change. How we farm, eat, shop, build and live on a daily basis all effect our ecosphere. Dr. Adrian Rubin is a climatologist with 30 years of experience studying the weather. Adrian Rubin, a respected climatologist and active blogger, discusses and teachers climate change awareness. Adrian Rubin is also an active member of the Association of Nation Weather Professionals and Climatologists.

How are you making changes to reduce climate change? Would you use printable solar if it were available to you?