Recycle Bin Designs: Retro Style That’s Today

Recycle Bin Designs: Retro Style That’s Today

This week, is excited to feature Recycle Bin Designs as an eco-friendly retailer. Recycle Bin Designs offers eco-friendly clothing and other products with a unique retro style inspired by the late 60’s – early 70’s intermingled with the present.

Since 2002, Recycle Bin Designs has offered high quality products with a goal being “walking lightly on the earth.” Owner, and designer, Tifany Hoffman believes that we should be actively conscious of our own individual impact we are choosing to leave in our wake.

Tifany states, “As a designer I have the chance to help relieve the negative impact on our earth by making sustainable clothing and products. I have the chance to make a difference for the peoples of this world by choosing socially conscious ways of producing products. Why would anyone choose differently?”

Designer Tifany Hoffman got started in 1990 with her first business in ’92 focused on macrame hemp; when hemp was just beginning to re-emerge back into the larger market, but still considered “only hippie”.

Tifany reflects, “I have enjoyed watching the eco-friendly market grow, and feel privileged to be a pioneer in it.”

In 2002, with the start of Recycle Bin Designs, she made the transition to include clothing and accessories, broadening her passion for design and her focus to using vintage fabrics, hemp, and now soy, bamboo, and organic cottons. She takes great joy in her products being eco-friendly even down to the process of vegetable and fiber reactive dyes.

When we asked Tifany what fuels her creativity, she said, “ I love fashion, and love to have fun with it. I enjoy the freedom it allows to break free from the mainstream mold. I have been around art all my life and creating for 17 years. I couldn’t imagine life without freedom of creativity. That’s why I do what I do, I simply love it. With the purpose of being eco-friendly it has become an amazing passion and positive challenge that I welcome as a designer.”

Every item offered in the Recycle Bin store is unique. Visitors can find everything from clothing, accessories, and jewelry to eco-friendly home décor. Tifany is always offering new designs with favorites like the Hemp Akina pants, Vintage fabric wrap skirts, Gypsy pouches, the Journey Bag, and Applejack hats. There are lots of versatile and eye catching designs to bring out the creative side in everyone.

Tifany ended our interview, with her sincere gratitute to the web community. She stated, ”
I give a personal thanks to all my supporters. I love you all, and am grateful to you for allowing me this chance to enjoy creative freedom as a designer. Thank you to all of the people who support independent artists. Thank you for choosing to support the eco-friendly market everywhere. Together we can all choose to walk lightly! “

To check out Recycle Bin Designs, click here.