The Spirit behind “Spirit Within Art”

Isabella Samovsky, co-founder

Entrepreneur and co-founder of Spirit Within Art, Isabella (“Bel”) Samovsky has been a businesswoman for much of her life. Her experience at operating and managing a small business is extensive and well-acquainted with success. Creating a well-loved grassroots and unique wellness company that included handcrafting and importing fair trade goods wholesale and retail, she enjoyed 13 years + of success helping people live better healthier lives. She recently sold her wellness company to devote her complete attention to Spirit Within Art. 

Shel Waldman, co-founder

A refined realist, gifted muralist, visionary illustrator, experienced arts teacher and renowned painter-artist for over 30 years, Shel Waldman has created a catalogue of visual beauty that encompasses the spiritual as well as the physical. His original creations often embody the metaphysical and transformative essence of the people, places and unique cultures depicted in his works. Through his fine visionary art, Shel’s detailed pieces fuse reality with vivid, often-times colorful imagery that speaks to the spirit within everyone.

Together, Bel & Shel are a passionate team blessed and grateful to live on the Big Island of Hawaii–amidst all its beauty, inspiration and charm. With this in mind, we look forward to sharing Spirit Within Art with you, and infusing your home and office with our fine art. 

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