Why is Europe not a stable CBD market?

Classification issues

Most CBD Europe products are put under the category of Unauthorized Novel Foods. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is yet to make its stand clear on CBD. An application by Cannabis Pharma, a Czech firm, is pending before EFSA and its verdict is keenly awaited by the CBD industry. Currently, the Novel Food category is being interpreted differently by different EU members. So, there is no one unified definition or regulation when it comes to CBD Europe. Classified as fragrances or cosmetics, CBD supplements and oils can be found in supermarkets, health stores and pharmacies in the UK and Germany. These countries are planning to launch a crackdown on these products once the EU comes out with a clear policy on Novel Foods in early 2020.

However, visualizing the difficulty in meeting the regulatory requirements, many manufacturers have started selling their products online only. But their biggest concern is the attitude of the pharma industry that seems to be ready to produce synthetic CBD if it does not get free access to CBD.

Regulatory changes

The regulatory changes are likely to push the CBD Europe market from $319 million in 2018 to $417 million in 2019 and cross $ 1.8 billion by 2023 while the global market would be worth $16.5 billion by 2025. But many of the manufacturers think that the regulatory reforms promised may not happen any time soon.

Seeking change

However, some European Industrial Hemp Associations are seeking changes at multiple fronts. They contend that there is evidence that cannabis has been in use as tinctures and other extracts in Europe for over 80 years. So, its current status as Novel Food does not reflect its historical status. They are insisting on a political solution for cannabis.

worker on hemp farm

Hemp trials 

The Bulgarian authorities have called back permission granted to a CBD health supplement sparking off fresh debate over the health benefits of CBD. Different sources put the number of ongoing clinical trials about the health benefits of CBD at 89 to 200 while they also claim 191 such trials have been completed. Cannabis is believed to have therapeutic properties against pain, arthritis, eczema, and headache. It promotes well being and relaxation.

CBD is a bioactive non-psychoactive ingredient found in the cannabis plant. The psychoactive ingredient THC is reduced to less than 0.21% in industrial cannabis farming in the EU.

Essentia Pura

Located in Southeastern Europe, Essentia Pura specializes in the extraction of supercritical fluid, biodynamic substance, and herbal extracts. It has strong links with domain experts and that enables it to use advanced technologies in its field. As a result, Essentia Pura can provide its customers with the best experiences. On the customers’ demand, the company also manufactures exclusive products that are a different combination of carrier oil and extracts.

Final thoughts 

When it comes to benefit from the use of CBD, most countries in the world prefer to stay away from the issue. However, private manufacturers have created several winning products out of CBD that are doing brisk sales due to their remarkable therapeutic qualities. However, in the absence of proper regulatory mechanisms, a large number of fake manufacturers have emerged on the CBD scene and this sullied the environment. Cosmetics and health supplements made out of CBD are categorized as Noble Food but in the absence of quality assurance, all kinds of good and bad products hit the market. While the demand for these products is extremely high and outnumbers the supply, the quality concerns are weighing the market down. In this scenario, the presence of reputed manufacturers such as Essentia Pura is highly reassuring.

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