Eye On Eco-Biz: Wildflower Tie Dye 

Wildflower Tie Dye | website: http://www.wildflowerdyes.com/

Valerie, the owner of Wildflower Tie Dye, was drawn to tie-dying after a lifelong interest in “hippie culture” and a desire to express her creativity through color. Wildflower Tie Dye started as a hobby and quickly turned into an online tie dye boutique. Valerie has been creating her unique tie-dye creations for the last 6 years with the help of her husband Scott who deals with the shipping/packaging end of things.

Valerie says, ” The art of tie dying has been my passion ever since I dyed my first T-shirt . It always brings me great satisfaction to hear how our tie dyes have become a favorite item or an interesting conversation piece. We are overjoyed to share our art with tie-dye fans all over the world!”

“Tie-dyeing is something I will probably do forever (well, at least in this life). It is apart of me, my unique expression and I love every minute of it!”

Wildflower Tie Dye is committed to offering the very best in quality tie dyes available on the Internet. They strive to create tie-dyed clothing that stands out from all the others with a diverse array of styles, colors, and designs.

Wildflower Tie Dye also uses their own unique combination of different kinds of string and rubber bands and apply the dye in tiny drops by syringe/droppers. The careful, and methodical process, allows much more control over the finished product and visibly more detail than the average tie dye. They also use commercial quality fiber-reactive dyes that leave each garment fade and bleed free.

Although Wildflower Tie Dye already produces quality tie-dye shirt, they are constantly experimenting to perfect and develop the tie dyes. Valerie adds, “We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by the vibrant colors and unusual designs!”

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