Removing Allergens & Viruses Naturally from the Home with an Air Purifier

Looking to de-stink you’re home? If you’ve tried cleansers and sprays, you may simply be masking smells. The best way to get rid of pet, food and kid smells is to actually clean the air. You’ll also be removing other impurities such as particulates, allergens, pet dander, microorganisms, and even dreaded viruses. […]

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Have You Tried Online Yoga?

Download Online Yoga Classes

The pandemic brought us indoors and yoga and other exercise instructors online. As a result, the industry has polished it’s efforts and online yoga videos are better than ever. There are many seasons in life and these classes will support a healthy lifestyle throughout all of them! Whether you are just getting into yoga or reframing your […]

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Bohemian Dorm Room Style

floral mandala tapestry

It’s  College Dorm Room Shopping SZN.  If you’re looking to create a bohemian dorm room vibe at school, look no further! We’ve collected a great selection of shops with Bohemian and Hippie Vibe finds. Serenity Boutique has a large assortment of Bohemian Wall Hangings  from floral mandala tapestries to nature inspired prints and patterns. They […]

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SuperNatural Cleaning Starter Set

supernatural all natural cleaner set

Cleaning your home is a ritual of purification. That’s why the proprietors of Supernatural created their proprietary blend of non-toxic and eco-friendly oils that come to you shipped and ready to fill with water from your home so you can get right to cleaning! Using Supernatural raises the vibrational energy in your home and cleanses […]

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CBD: What Are Terpenes?

what are terpines

When considering what kind of CBD to choose to relax, de-stress, or reduce any pain or tension you might experience, you may have run across discussions about the role of terpenes. While THC and CBD tend to get the most airtime in the cannabis community, terpenes are also important naturally occurring compounds found in hemp […]

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Earth Mama Safe Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Makeup Tutorial

tinted sunscreen safe for pregnant moms

Safe for pregnant mamas, those with sensitive skin and this tinted sunscreen is safe for our oceans too! Check our this awesome makeup tutorial and change the way you protect your skin! Click here to learn more about the tinted Lady Face Mineral Sunscreens […]

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Green Kid Craft Boxes for Holidays 2020

Looking for a fun way to enhance at home STEM learning? Check our these amazing Green Kid Crafts to keep your kids entertained and learning at the same time! Customers enjoy an extra $15 off any 3-month subscription, $25 off any 6-month subscription, and $50 off any 12-month subscription! Plus, for the first time ever […]

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Why is Europe not a stable CBD market?

Classification issues Most CBD Europe products are put under the category of Unauthorized Novel Foods. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is yet to make its stand clear on CBD. An application by Cannabis Pharma, a Czech firm, is pending before EFSA and its verdict is keenly awaited by the CBD industry. Currently, the Novel […]

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