RIP Stephen Hawkings See You In The Stars

Stephen Hawkins

A sad night March 13, 2018, as we lost one of the brightest minds, Stephen Hawkings.  His passion for knowledge, learning, and his humor will continue to inspire generations of science-minded people. “We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That […]

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Lead Exposure Study Shows U.S. Deaths are Surging

Water Lead

Approximately 400,000 deaths are associated every year to lead contamination, 250 000 are from cardiovascular disease.  This is 10 times higher than was previously reported.  Over 20-year study of 14,200 adults 20y ears or older by Lancet Public Health.   Exposure to lead increases death due to cardiovascular disease, and ischaemic heart disease. According to the […]

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Bernie Sanders Is Calling for For Global Peace – You can Help.

The idea of Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sitting in a room and not escalating an already tense relationship does not seem possible.  For there to be some hope of peace between the US and North Korea we need to put some adults in the room.   Currently, the Trump white house has no North […]

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Solar & Wind COULD Power the U.S.

A new study finds that wind power and solar photovoltaics could by themselves meet 80 percent of all U.S. electricity demand. This chart from Reuters last week shows that power from wind and solar are already the cheapest sources of power. CREDIT: REUTERS Second, the study only examined how wind and solar could power the grid. In doing so, it found […]

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What is BPA and Why You Should Be Concerned

Bisphenol A (abbreviated BPA) is an organic compound with the formula (CH3)2C(C6H4OH)2. Bisphenol A, commonly used in plastics and polyesters, has become controversial because it mimics estrogen and thus could induce unhealthy hormonal responses. Bisphenol A’s most popular use is in Polycarbonate plastic, which is clear and nearly shatter-proof. It is used to make a […]

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