Help defend the Endangered Species Act

The Interior Department has announced plans to undermine the Endangered Species Act by putting the responsibility of wildlife protection in the hands of federal agencies with little or no interest in protecting wildlife. The proposal would eliminate many current safeguards, including the routine scientific review of any agency action that may pose a threat to […]

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Strange Bedfellows: Greenpeace Joins Loggers to Stop Illegal Wood Imports

By Jim Snyder, The Hill. Posted August 14, 2007. On matters related to the harvesting of timber, Greenpeace members are more likely to form human blockades against the practice than to make nice with the industry. But the environmental group has indeed linked arms with its usual foe to support a bill giving the Justice […]

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More Severe Storms Expected in US with Global Warming

As the world warms, the United States will face more severe thunderstorms with deadly lightning, damaging hail and the potential for tornadoes, a trailblazing study by NASA scientists suggests. While other research has warned of broad weather changes on a large scale, like more extreme hurricanes and droughts, the new study predicts even smaller events […]

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