Endangered Australian Animals: The Endangered Numbat

One of the most ecologically most dangerous things to do is tamper with an animal’s ecosystem. The ramifications of doing so can have irreversible effects. Australia, which has animals that are found no where else in the world, is at risk of losing the Numbat, from other foreign specie integration. Australia is one of the […]

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Everyday should be Earth Day. However, take advantage of Earth Day to do something significant, learn something new, and to teach others about our planet. What can you do to make a difference? Shop Green – Click here for the eco-directory Donate to a Worthy Eco-Cause of your choice Volunteer your time at an Earth Day Teach […]

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At the close of the twentieth century, the world finds itself undergoing the most rapid and complete deforestation it has ever experienced under the human hand. Since 1950, a fifth of the world’s forest cover has been removed. At least 55% of the world’s 30 to 40 million hectares of rare but incredibly productive temperate […]

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