Have You Tried Online Yoga?

Download Online Yoga Classes

The pandemic brought us indoors and yoga and other exercise instructors online. As a result, the industry has polished it’s efforts and online yoga videos are better than ever. There are many seasons in life and these classes will support a healthy lifestyle throughout all of them! Whether you are just getting into yoga or reframing your […]

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CBD: What Are Terpenes?

what are terpines

When considering what kind of CBD to choose to relax, de-stress, or reduce any pain or tension you might experience, you may have run across discussions about the role of terpenes. While THC and CBD tend to get the most airtime in the cannabis community, terpenes are also important naturally occurring compounds found in hemp […]

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Why is Europe not a stable CBD market?

Classification issues Most CBD Europe products are put under the category of Unauthorized Novel Foods. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is yet to make its stand clear on CBD. An application by Cannabis Pharma, a Czech firm, is pending before EFSA and its verdict is keenly awaited by the CBD industry. Currently, the Novel […]

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Can I Fail a Drug Test After Taking CBD?

Can I fail a drug test if I take CBD

According to JAMA Study and John Hopkins,  almost a 25% CBD and hemp products sold today contain THC.  Most of these products do not list THC in the product labeling.  John Hopkins lab tested a single instance of vaping cannabis that has 0.39% THC in it (similar to the legal allowance in hemp of 0.3%) […]

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CBD Candy & Teas by Hakuna Supply

Have you tried CBD yet? It’s readily available just about everywhere now, even in major drug store chains. Many people use CBD oil for inflammation or pain relief, and CBD body products are becoming very popular. However, there’s still a lot of room to grow in the CBD Food market. As I love food, I […]

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Don’t Drink Your Green Tea, EAT IT!

eat green tea

Drinking freshly brewed tea can be both healthy and enjoyable. However, the vast majority of nutritional components found in green tea leaves are never transferred over to the brewed tea. When you throw away tea leaves, you are throwing away a cornucopia of nutrients. Many tea experts recommend triple brewing good quality tea leaves. While […]

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Science Says You’ll Live Longer Being a Happy Hippie

Hippies Live Longer

Being friendly (Happy Hippie), diet and exercise are more important than DNA according to a life-extension spin-off from Google and Ancestry. The study of 400 million participant’s Family tree shows genetics has minimal influence on longevity. […]

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Debunking CBD Oil Myths

Many people are understandably flummoxed by a very active campaign to convince the public that CBD is different depending on whether it’s derived from marijuana or hemp. Hemp and marijuana are both Cannabis. Hemp is Cannabis sativa, and marijuana is either Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica. Hemp is simply the common and legal term for […]

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