Can A Vinegar Hair Rinse Help With Hair Loss?

vinegar helps hair loss

Why Vinegar Has Been Used for Centuries for Hair and Scalp Care The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is a potent antimicrobial which can kill bacteria and fungus, common underlying causes of dandruff and hair loss, making it a fantastic natural cure. When hormones called androgens are to blame, hair follicles become damaged over time and hinder their ability to […]

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Switch to Green Beauty with Au Naturale Natural Makeup

Summer means hot sticky weather, but why sacrifice wearing makeup? I love wearing natural mineral powders in the summer because they are lightweight, but offer a lot of visual impact. My favorite brand is Au Naturale Cosmetics. They offer a full range of vegan, gluten free, paraben free, cruelty-free, and organic color cosmetics, so everything they make […]

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Hawaii Passes Bill Banning Sunscreen That Can Harm Coral Reefs

The legislation prohibits the distribution of sunscreens containing chemicals that scientists have found contributes to coral bleaching when washed off in the ocean. The legislation prohibits the distribution of sunscreens containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate that scientists have found contributes to coral bleaching when washed off in the ocean. The Hawaii sunscreen bill now awaits the […]

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Natural & Organic Eye Gel Erases Lines

While many product lines usually fit into one category or the other, ATZEN® is unique in combining Pharmaceutical Grade, Green, and Cosmeceutical ingredients. The ingredients are developed by leading laboratories in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients are the highest quality of ingredients (higher quality than cosmetic grade). Green ingredients and manufacturing methods […]

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Are Household Chemicals Making You Sick?

Are household products making you sick?

Today’s households are much safer and more hygienic than the homes our ancestors kept in previous centuries. Thanks to stricter laws, technological advancements, and greater awareness of certain health and safety risks, our household products are now required to pass certain tests and include certain labels in order to be sold in the United States. But if […]

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