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  We’re revolutionizing the beauty industry by advocating for healthier, natural beauty choices. Our handcrafted products, rich in plant-based ingredients, aim to nourish and rejuvenate skin and hair without harsh chemicals. Formerly known as Just Natural, our commitment to wellness and quality shines through our pure, effective formulations, embodying our belief in the transformative power of nature for radiant skin and hair.
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  Launched in August 2019, Free the Ocean offers a unique way to combat plastic pollution at no cost. By participating in daily trivia, users not only fund plastic removal efforts but also gain valuable knowledge about the ocean and increase awareness of plastic issues. As a member of our global community, you contribute to a mission grounded in Sustainability, Education, and Action, making a tangible difference from anywhere in the world. Join us by signing up for daily reminders, and be a part of the solution with each trivia you answer, helping to free the ocean of plastic, one question at a time. Mimi, Co-Founder
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  Dedicated to making the planet’s health and reversing climate change a universal priority through sustainable living. Our online marketplace champions the shift to eco-friendly products for every aspect of life, aiming to make green choices the new standard. We believe in the power of collective small changes to significantly impact the Earth, offering top-quality, sustainable goods to help reduce our carbon footprint.
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  Join over 3 million eco-conscious individuals with MightyNest’s MightyFix service, an effortless way to embrace healthy, green living by receiving a monthly shipment of our community’s favorite sustainable products with usage tips. Please explore our site for a broader selection of over 1,500 carefully chosen, eco-friendly solutions that ship for free in the contiguous United States, all designed to help you make meaningful changes towards a cleaner, greener world without compromising your preferences or values.
  At Lochtree, we are dedicated to guiding and providing you with resources for sustainable living. We commit to offering an exceptional range of eco-friendly and zero-waste products, carefully curated for quality and impact. Understanding that sustainability is a critical global challenge and a growing demand for innovative solutions to the environmental issues our lifestyles create, our goal as a zero-waste store is to empower consumers to minimize waste and contribute positively to overcoming these ecological hurdles.
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  Pela offers eco-friendly, compostable phone cases made from flax shive and plant-based biopolymers, with a portion of every sale donated to Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives. They provide a Screen Protection Guarantee and a 100% Happiness Guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction with free shipping worldwide, secure checkout, and hassle-free exchanges and returns.
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  CBD oil in Austin can bring natural relief and decrease swelling and joint pain associated with inflammatory diseases by targeting areas in the brain responsible for regulating emotion and controlling inflammation. Shopping for CBD in Austin is the perfect place for health-minded individuals looking to reap the benefits of Cannabidiol or CBD
  Olle garden bed 12 Different Configurations Each bed comes with 4 corner panels and 4 short side panels, and 4 long panels, allowing for customized assembly into 12 different dimensions. Good choice for City and Home Garden beds to plant flowers and vegetables.
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  The Garden Tower is a vertical, self-contained garden system that uses natural technology to supercharge modern container gardening. The only planter system integrates composting and nutrient recycling, turning kitchen scraps into organic vegetables. The Garden Tower is an excellent option for people who want to grow their food but don’t have a lot of space. It’s also perfect for people who want to reduce their environmental impact by growing their own food locally.
  Pebbly is a French brand that designs functional kitchen utensils made with natural and sustainable materials. The name Pebbly comes from a pebble beach in the Basque province of France, which is well-known to surfers. Pebbly is committed to sustainability and reducing waste, and they use ethically sourced materials and responsible practices, such as composting. Pebbly’s products are designed to be beautiful, useful, and necessary, and they aim to provide joie de vivre through their products. Pebbly makes sustainable essentials for your kitchen and beyond.