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  The future of beauty from elite and highly potent yet healthy and non-toxic, ingredients that are good for you and the environment. Our mission is to deliver only the best quality of skincare products using innovative natural science to extract the healthy nutrients from plants in a highly-bioavailable format that your body can use in an effective manner, so you can see noticeable results without toxic inflammations or bio-accumulation. Our brand purpose is to make you look and feel beautiful in your own skin. We sell facial cleansers, toner, essence, serums, creams, mask and scrubs.

  We’re revolutionizing the beauty industry by advocating for healthier, natural beauty choices. Our handcrafted products, rich in plant-based ingredients, aim to nourish and rejuvenate skin and hair without harsh chemicals. Formerly known as Just Natural, our commitment to wellness and quality shines through our pure, effective formulations, embodying our belief in the transformative power of nature for radiant skin and hair.

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  Award-winning organic skin care brand based on the exquisite Bulgarian Rose. The Bulgarian Rose is a miracle ingredient in skin care products as it has countless benefits for one’s skin health and general wellness. Because of this, we use rose oil as a key ingredient for most of our products. Unlike other skin care companies, we are not just a brand but also an agricultural and manufacturing company. We are in control of the product creation from the beginning, when the roses are grown and harvested in our fields, through design and creation of the product in our on-site distillation and manufacturing facility.15% Off Your First Order click here..

  All-natural, organic deodorants that work! Perfect for pregnancy, new moms or for those choosing to go chemical free! Wonderfully scented options or non-scented.

  At Lochtree, we are dedicated to guiding and providing you with resources for sustainable living. We commit to offering an exceptional range of eco-friendly and zero-waste products, carefully curated for quality and impact. Understanding that sustainability is a critical global challenge and a growing demand for innovative solutions to the environmental issues our lifestyles create, our goal as a zero-waste store is to empower consumers to minimize waste and contribute positively to overcoming these ecological hurdles.

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  Hemp-based supplements and treats to help people establish better health. Our items are all 100% Farm Bill compliant. Many of our products are USDA Certified Organic so our customers can be assured we’re offering “clean” products.

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